Installation of version V4.0

   Pre required

Supported OS:

Linux, Windows

Mandatory pre-installed software:

Optional software to install, depending on your configuration:

On users browser:


PHPMyResa is provided with an installation interface.
If it is not automatically launched, browse the resa/config folder and follow the instructions.
The rest of this web page describes a manual installation of PHPMyResa. You must follow it also if you upgrade from a version prior to 3.x.

   Database part

To begin, you have to create a new database (called resa for instance). Then you have to execute the table creation script in your database.

be careful   The above part describes an initial installation. If you already have a previous version of the reservation software, go here to know if you have some database structure modifications to make.

Then you must fill in your configuration in the following tables: Remarks:

   Configuration file part

To begin, change the ownership of all the files to the user who launched your web server (command chown on Linux). This solution is better than changing the files rights (command chmod on Linux), because it is judicious to forbid read access on the database.php file, as it contains your database connexion string.

Two files need then to be changed:

Configuration of the file commun/database.php:

All data must be defined otherwise an error message will be displayed (the database password, in particular, cannot be empty):

Configuration of the file commun/config.php:

In this file, if a value is not set, the feature is disabled.

    General configuration
$titre, the application title, displayed at the top of the left framenoPHPMyResa
$bookmark, the title in the <head> part of the html code, so the name of the associated bookmarknoPHPMyResa
$image_titre, name of the image in the top of the left frame **nono image displayed
$image_pdf, name of the image for the PDF generation (jpg format only!) **nono image displayed
$page_accueil, URL of the welcome page (vueMois.php, vide.php or today.php)novueMois.php (planning)
$email_domain, domain of the email address, for autocompletion (ex: @lpsc.in2p3.fr)no""
$capacite, possibility to display the capacity of a room or a carnofalse
$modification_enable, possibility to change some fields of an existing reservationnofalse
$default_language, default application language if the user has no cookie for itnoenglish
$display_tomorrow, possibility to display the tomorrow planningnofalse
$several_object_possible, defines if several objects can be booked togethernofalse
$week_end_enabled, defines if weekend days are to be taken in account by the systemnotrue
$tree, defines if the presentation of the list of objets is displayed as a tree or notnofalse
$tree_scrollable, if the presentation of the list of objets is displayed as a tree, is it scrollablenotrue
$mail_subject, length of the subject of the mail send during the creation of reservations (short, medium or long)nomedium
$default_class_for_feed, default class name for the display of the rss feed (to display the feed for another class, use the url: http://.../resa/rss.php?class=another_class and to change the date use the offset parameter)no""
$use_diffusion_flag, has the user the choice to disable or not its reservation from rss feed and iCal (if used of course)?nofalse
$technical_contact, name of the local technical contactyes-
$technical_email, email address of the local technical contactyes-
$technical_tel, phone number of the local technical contactyes-
$read_only_enable, possibility to restric the site access with read only right (useful out of intranet) ***nofalse
$IP_regex, regular expression for authorized IP address (ex: 111.222.3[4-5].\d{1,3})no-
$enabled_domain, array which lists all authorized domains (ex: array('in2p3.fr', 'cern.ch'))no-
$mail_server, the name of your mail server (ex: lpscmail.in2p3.fr) ****no-
$web_server, the name of your web server (ex: lpsc.in2p3.fr) ****no-
$default_beginning_hour, default value for the begin time (h)no8
$default_beginning_mihour, default value for the begin time (min)no0
$default_duration, default value for the duration (h)no1
$default_miduration, default value for the duration (min)no0
$default_end_hour, default value for the end time (h)no18
$default_end_mihour, default value for the end time (min)no0
$default_comment, default value for the reservation commentno-
    Configuration of other softwares - if needed
$iCal, possibility to use the iCal formatnofalse
$URL_iCal, URL of the PHP iCalendar software (ex: http://xxx/phpicalendar-1.0/ or ../phpicalendar-1.0/) *yes, if $iCal=true-
$CALENDARS_file_location, location of the generated files (ex: /www/htdocs/calendars/ or D:/www/calendars/) *yes, if $iCal=true-
$CALENDARS_file_beginning_of_name, beginnig of the name of the generated files (ex: LPSCResa-)yes, if $iCal=true-
$CALENDARS_end_of_uid, end of UID in the generated files (ex: .LPSCResa.in2p3.fr)yes, if $iCal=true-
$iCal_delay, the number of past weeks to keep in the icalendar hustoryno-1
***You can use this functionnality only if your provider let you use the php function gethostbyaddr()
****to fill in only if your email domain address is the name of your web server, because in this case emails would never be sent
(every occurence of the name of the web server in an email address will be replaced by the name of the mail server)


Last update: 31 08 2009